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Scar That You Left

Scar That You Left



Three months That's all he wanted from her to heal his shattered heart and the compensation's currency will be in millions. Rule: No Emotional Intimacy Should Be Involved In This Relationship. She signed the contract, and he owned her. But three weeks before the deadline, she went missing, leaving him clueless, without any warning, just like vanishing in the air. After about six years later, when he had equipped himself fully in work, she showed up again. Now, she was the girlfriend of his brother. Above everything, she was a mother of a sick baby that he got to know about later. But who is the father?
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“Goddamn it! Daisy, how are you still not in love with me after six years?” He shouted in frustration.

Daisy flinched at her boyfriend’s raised voice. She wore a pink and white checkered blouse, which only enhanced the bright red blush that had formed on pale cheeks after hearing his exclamation. Her flawless blue eyes rested beneath beautifully shaped black eyebrows. She bit the bottom half of her cherry pink lips as she tried to hide the tears that were forming in her eyes. Daisy looked up at the man who was standing in front of her. He was wearing a dark blue suit and an exasperated expression.

“I am sorry Edward. Really... I am. I never meant to hurt you.” She whispered while tears slid down her face.

Six years ago, everything happened in rush and she didn't know what to do. She didn’t even have the time to consider the fact that relationships couldn’t be built without love.

“Daisy... A-are you crying?” Edward asked apprehensively.

He felt a pain prick his heart when he noticed the tears in her eyes. The guilt of what happened all those years ago was eating him alive and it was entirely his own fault. He had convinced her to date him even though she had warned him again and again that she didn’t love him in that way. Seeing her cry like this because of him, he just wanted to slam his face into the nearest wall.

“I am really sorry, Daisy. This is my fault.” He admitted, stepping closer to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

“You’re not the one who should be apologizing. It's me who should be sorry.” Daisy replied with her face buried in her hands.

She tried hard to stop crying while despising her own actions.

Inhaling a deep breath, Edward shook his head and wrapped his arms around her trembling body.

“I shouldn't have brought this up, especially now... I’ve messed everything up.” He sighed. “Can you still make it to dinner with my parents?” He asked as he gently stroked her hair.

Daisy nodded.

“It's alright, Edward. I’m fine." She said softly.

“Let's go inside then.” Edward said.

He held Daisy’s hand and escorted her inside the luxurious mansion.

Daisy was in awe as she noticed the exotic plants, water features and sculptures that bespoke of the family’s wealth and status. They finally found Mr. Robert and Mrs. Alina in the living room, debating current politics.

“Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Daisy.” Edward announced, smiling at his parents.

Edward squeezed Daisy's sweaty hand as his parents lifted up their eyes to see the girl beside their son. They schooled back their startled features and put on a passive expression.

“Good Evening, my name is Daisy Amber. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Daisy said as she bowed politely, her long hair hanging over her shoulders.

She had no idea that it would be this nerve-wracking to meet his parents. Garnering her courage, she straightened back up and handed the small gift bag that she had been holding to Mrs. Alina.

“This is just a small present. I hope you like it!” Daisy said with a big smile.

“It's a pretty crystal vase. I had told her that you appreciate things like this. She went to a lot of places to find just the right one.” Edward proudly said, moving closer to his mother.

Noticing Daisy's apprehension, Mrs. Alina couldn't help but smile.

“Thank you! This is so sweet of you. I love it!” She said, happily accepting the gift.

“Don't just stand there. Please, take a seat Daisy. I promise we don't bite.” Mr. Robert joked, even though his stern and straight face didn’t change a bit.

All of these years Daisy had been so afraid to meet Edward’s parents because of the differences in their social status. She didn’t think that the Watson’s would believe her to be a proper match for their son. However, on the contrary, they were exceptionally friendly and kind to her. She sensed that their warm regard could make anyone feel special. But, how long would that last after they learned more about her?

Daisy shook her head as she mentally pushed her doubts away and concentrated on the present moment. Taking a deep breath, she went to sit on the couch beside Edward.

After a few brief moments, she felt Mrs. Alina's eyes looking intently at her. Daisy shifted uncomfortably beside Edward and tried to remain calm.

Mr. Robert, noticing the pensive look on his wife's face, leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“What's wrong?” He asked.

Mrs. Alina blinked as if remembering something... or someone.

“She looks so much like...” She trailed, leaving her thought unfinished.

“Don't talk nonsense.” Mr. Robert curtly responded.

Immediately, he cleared his throat, as if signaling to his wife to quickly drop the matter. Mrs. Alina nodded in understanding and inhaled a deep breath to clear her thoughts. She smiled slightly at Daisy.

“I was told that you two met in New York. Did you study at the same medical college with Edward?” Mrs. Alina asked.

Daisy’s body tensed at the question and panic filled her mind. Edward took the initiative to answer his mother’s question.

“No mom...” He said, shaking his head before continuing. “She studied at a community college. She worked a couple of part-time jobs to pay her way through school. No one was able to help or support her, since Daisy is an orphan. But, that is one of the reasons she has turned out to be so strong and self-reliant. Those qualities are what I love most about her.” He confessed.

Edward encouragingly squeezed her hand and a smile formed on Daisy's face as her shoulders relaxed a bit. He was well versed in dealing with awkward situations, a quality she greatly appreciated. Of course, any conversation where her past was brought up made her feel uneasy. She wasn't ashamed of herself but she knew that her background was nowhere near compatible with Edward’s, or his family’s for that matter.

However, to her continued surprise, Mr. Robert seemed satisfied by what his son told them regarding her situation.

“There is nothing wrong with being an orphan, Daisy. As long as you are confident and proud of what you do, background and status aren’t important.” He stated, smiling at her.

He was also an orphan and he strictly believed that hard work always brought about success without exception.

Traces of tears gathered in the corner of Daisy's eyes. She couldn't be more grateful for the words spoken by Edward and Mr. Robert.

“I told you had nothing to worry about. I knew that they would like you.” Edward whispered in her ear.

He never even doubted once in his mind that his parents wouldn’t like Daisy. She was social, mature, and a loveable woman. She was absolutely perfect in Edward’s eyes.

Daisy met his gaze. Edward had always been a supportive, helpful, and caring boyfriend. He provided her with a better life, love, care, support, and now a family. It was almost everything she could ever want! Well, almost...

“Thank you so much.” She whispered back.

“I love you.” Edward said, while lightly pinching her nose.

After a while, a woman, around thirty-five, knocked and entered the room. She wore a crisp, high collar white shirt and a pair of black suit pants. It was obvious enough to Daisy that she was the housekeeper.

The woman bowed politely and looked at Mr. Robert.

“My lord, the young master is back. His car just entered the gates.” She informed.

Edward’s mouth gaped open at hearing this news.

“Brother is here!? This is a joke, right?” He asked with wide eyes.

His brother never came home at this hour. It was so unusual... Did someone die? Edward looked at his mother for an explanation. Mrs. Alina chuckled at her son’s reaction.

“Edward, your father asked him to come home early today. We have not sat and had a meal all together as a family since you came back two months ago.” Mrs. Alina stated. She looked over at Daisy and noticing her confused expression, she further explained. “You see, his brother is a workaholic and he seldom has free time to come and visit us.”

“Oh, I see.” Daisy said.

“Well, that explains Edward’s shocked reaction.” She thought.

But, what kind of life did someone lead to never have time to come home to visit their family?

Mr. Robert's abrupt sigh cut off her train of thought and brought her back to the present.

“Daisy, could you help me out to knock some sense into Edward’s brain?” He pleaded.

Daisy glanced over at Edward and Mr. Robert continued with his argument.

“He was invited to work in the Memorial Hospital. I’m sure that you know Memorial is one of the best hospitals in the world. But does he listen to me? No! He told me repeatedly that he won't work anywhere else aside from West Valley Hospital.” He said looking at his son with agitation.

“I will talk with him about it.” Daisy said while nodding her head in agreement.

She knew better than anyone his true reasons for working at West Valley. Of course, she was one of the reasons why he didn’t want to leave. But, another reason was because of someone else... someone very precious.

Edward's lips parted upon hearing her answer.

“Really? You are on his side now? Come on Daisy, you know there’s no way I am leaving West Valley.” He said, pouting his lips and protesting like a little kid.

Daisy laughed at his childish behavior.

“Dad, I am back.” A deep voice said, making Daisy’s heart skip a beat.

Everyone, except Daisy, turned to look at the tall man who stood near the door. She didn't dare to look back at him. Hearing the familiar voice, her hands clenched into tight fists and her body started to tremble.

It can't be him.

Out of millions of people, what were the chances that he would turn out to be Edward’s brother? It was impossible–right?

Edward, with a smile plastered on his face, sauntered over to his brother and stood directly in front of him to block Daisy from view.

“Alex... I have a surprise for you.” Edward said with a mischievous grin.

Alex narrowed his eyes at his little brother.

“I already know. Mom told me that your girlfriend would be coming tonight.” He said.

Alex gently pushed Edward to the side so that he could inspect his brother’s woman.

The moment he saw her, his heart slammed against his ribs. He froze in place and his eyes slowly widened with realization. Although her face was slightly bent down, he knew it was her right away. How could he forget?

“This is Daisy Amber, Alex. Isn't she beautiful?” Mrs. Alina said with a smile, oblivious to her eldest son’s state of shock.

Daisy took a moment to swallow the small bubble of hysteria rising inside her chest and glanced up to meet his eyes. When their eyes locked, her breath hitched and she felt a stabbing pain in her heart. It was him; Alex, her boyfriend's elder brother… The man she didn't want to see again was standing right in front of her.

Fate really is something.

Alex slightly held his breath. Six years had passed since that night and she still looked so beautiful and pure, yet too painful to look at. His eyes studied her closely as he walked over and stretched his out hand.

“Good Evening, I am Edward's elder brother. Alexander Watson.” He formally greeted.

Gathering her composure, Daisy took a deep breath and stood up. Extreme hatred filled her eyes as she looked up at him.

Alex's heart almost stopped at seeing the hatred in her eyes. He still didn't understand what happened between them.

“I mean... I know I wasn’t necessarily gentle with her during our time together. But, she didn’t complain! Not even once...” He thought mutely.

Right! That wasn't a reason to run away because everything started with a deal — a contract!

However, that reasoning didn’t stop his throat from drying up when Daisy held his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Alex.” She said through gritted teeth as a forced smile formed on her lips.