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My Secret Lady Boss

My Secret Lady Boss



Minor office worker, Zhang Wendin, unintentionally made a remark in the restroom, which, to his surprise, was overheard by the new attractive female boss from next door. As a result, he dove headfirst into an intense and fierce office life. An unexpected incident that caused ripples, leading to inexplicable changes in the relationship between the two...
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July 5th, sunny, just arrived at work this morning.

In the office of the Management Committee of the Suijiang Economic Development Zone on the fifth floor, adorned with a sign of the Human Resources Bureau, junior officer Zhang Wendin is occasionally gnashing his teeth, constantly recalling the incident where he had just insulted the beautiful Chairwoman of Development Zone, Xu Ying, in the bathroom.

"Some women these days will do anything to get ahead!" That’s what Zhang Wendin had just exclaimed into a chat group on Momo right after coming out of the men's restroom. He didn't even have time to put his phone in his pocket when he saw a gorgeous yet grim-faced woman emerge from the opposite door of the women's restroom.

Clearly, the woman had heard Zhang Wendin’s remark as she sternly stared at him for at least three seconds. Zhang Wendin felt baffled and annoyed by the woman's gaze. What's wrong with this woman! However, the next second, his annoyance had abruptly turned into anxiety.

That’s because the Vice Chairman of the Development Zone Management Committee, Qian Qisheng, also came to the restroom. But Qian Qisheng neglected Zhang Wendin’s greeting of "Chairman Qian," and instead, cheerfully greeted the grim woman: "Chairwoman Xu."

Chairwoman Xu?

Upon hearing these words, Zhang Wendin’s mind almost exploded.

Damn, could this woman be Xu Ying? The number one beauty of Suijiang's political scene, former Deputy Director of Suijiang's Bureau of Investment Promotion, current Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suijiang Economic Development Zone, and Chairwoman of the Management Committee, Xu Ying? Legend has it that she has some connections with Mayor Gao Hong?

The only "Chairwoman Xu" worthy of Qian Qisheng’s respect would be the new boss of the Management Committee, Xu Ying.

Damn it! Wasn’t it said that Xu Ying would not assume her role in the Development Zone until three days later? Why was she here now? What exactly had happened in the two days he took leave from the Management Committee?

Probably everyone in the Development Zone understood that Xu Ying was appointed Chairwoman probably due to her ambiguous relationship with Suijiang Mayor Gao Hong. Yet, while this was clear to everyone; nobody would be foolish enough to openly discuss it in the office!

However, just moments ago, he, Zhang Wendin, had audaciously uttered the words: "Some women these days will do anything to get ahead!" And it was heard by none other than Xu Ying herself.

This was akin to a direct slap in Xu Ying's face, the greatest insult to her!

On the first day back from vacation, Zhang Wendin openly insulted the head of the management committee. He felt that his future life was completely bleak, and he could never see a glimmer of brightness.

Zhang Wendin didn't even know how he made it back to his office, feeling like the whole world was playing a cruel joke on him.

As long as Xu Ying remained in the development zone, he would never receive any recognition or promotion, and he would even be suppressed! How could he go on living like this? How could he continue with his work?

Still lost in his thoughts, the director and head of the human resources department Qian Haobo walked into his office in the afternoon, "Zhang, Xu's driver took a leave today. Can you fill in for him?"

Zhang Wendin was stunned. He had just insulted Xu Ying in the morning and now was to serve as her temporary driver for a day? Was this some kind of sick joke?

The management committee's office also held the sign of the human resources department, whose main responsibilities were organizing personnel, secretarial work, reception of letters and visits, as well as arranging drivers for the leaders. Sometimes, even a leader's driver could fall ill or might have other emergencies.

Before passing the civil service examination, Zhang Wendin used to be a contract driver for the management committee. After becoming a civil servant and still working for the committee, given his close relation to the deputy secretary-general and the director of the municipal committee office, despite him not being a driver anymore, Qian Haobo would still arrange for him to fill in as a temporary driver for the leaders.

Being a driver for the leaders seemed tedious, but it provided a rare opportunity to be close to the top, an opportunity others couldn't even find.

As for why Zhang Wendin enjoyed such a privilege, there were three reasons.

Firstly, he had been a driver for the management committee; secondly, his youth, good looks, and martial arts skills made him capable of protecting the leaders in a pinch. Lastly, and most importantly, he had a relative who was the director of the municipal committee office, making him a desirable choice for the leadership.

Qian Haobo's favor towards him was largely due to his relation to the influential uncle.

However, last winter, his uncle was demoted from the position of director of the municipal committee office to the chairman of the old cadre bureau by then deputy secretary of the municipal committee, Gao Hong, making him suddenly fall from grace.

Ever since his uncle lost power, Zhang Wendin never again served as a temporary driver for the big bosses of the committee. Occasionally, Qian Haobo would call him to be his driver when going out. Inside the committee, it was only Qian Haobo who still treated him decently.

"Director," said Zhang Wendin, hesitant, not knowing what excuse to make to refuse Qian Haobo's request.

Although the leader of the committee held the title of director, everyone in the office called Qian Haobo the bureau chief since he also held the title of the chief of the Human Resources Bureau.

"Car 88, here are your keys. Drive over to the city government office," interrupted Tan Haobo, tossing over the keys. "Be quick, don't keep Director Xu waiting!"

Zhang Wending caught the keys flying through the air. Seeing Tan Haobo had already turned around, he could only acknowledge and, without further ado, shut the computer down by pressing the power button and left the office to head downstairs.

Damn, it's just driving, what's there to be afraid of?

The worst she could do was give me a scolding. It's not like she's going to kill me or anything, right?


Car 88’s license plate number was actually 01188 and was known as Car 88 within the administrative committee. It was a Passat purchased early last year, Zhang Wending had driven it a couple of times before. As he gazed at the familiar dashboard and control panel, he was overwhelmed by a wave of emotion. He couldn’t believe he was behind the wheel of this car again!

Without dwelling on his feelings for too long, Zhang Wending parked the car

leaving the engine running

at the entrance of the office building. A couple of minutes later, he saw Xu Ying coming out.

"Director Xu." Zhang Wending greeted with a full-faced smile. He opened the back seat door with one hand and, with the other on top of the car, ushered Xu Ying to get in.

Xu Ying stood there, her gaze not only sharp but also somewhat cold. She hummed an acknowledgment, before bending over to get into the car.

Zhang Wending, staring at her as she entered, couldn't help but feel a little stirred.

At that moment, strangely enough, the normally frightened Zhang Wending felt slightly excited. Still, he was sensible enough not to daydream, and he conscientiously closed the car door. He then got into the driver's seat, started driving, and headed for the city government office.

The development zone wasn't far from the city government office, but they couldn't drive fast as it was in the city. It was four in the afternoon, thankfully not the rush hour when schools let out and offices closed, but the trip still took nearly half an hour.

The Passat parked directly in front of the government building. Xu Ying exited the car without saying a word to Zhang Wending.

After parking the car properly, Zhang Wending cast a discontented gaze at the city hall, silently speculating which floor might contain Gao Hong's office. The hurried manner in which Xu Ying had entered, was she going to see Gao Hong?