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The Prince And I

The Prince And I



She was only finding a way out to eliminate her financial crises, and her efforts pay because she eventually got a job at the Royal Palace. She was working as a maid at the Castle of the King and Queen of Britain. Many ladies also work there as a maid.  Unfortunately, she's  the only one that found herself in Love Rollercoaster With the Heir of The King(The Prince)
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Bailey's POV


Work. Work. Work. That's about all I think about. I'm only a Senior at Burnsville Secondary School, but I have to do work in order to get enough money for college. Mum always says that in order to get what you want, you need to earn it. We're pretty much a poor family. In my family, I have a mum and dad and two younger brothers. My parents work really hard. While they're doing that, I have to work as well. So that's why I had been accepted to a job. I'm a maid. But not for just any maid, a maid for a royal freaking family. It sounds crazy, right? Well, not really though. I've been working there for a few months already and I have never seen any of the royal family. That's because the maids work around, clean off furniture, and the royals would never pay attention to that sort of thing. The royals are usually at meetings and are rarely at the palace during the days. Though I have heard that many maids saying that they've seen some of the Royal.

The ones who've seen the actual prince, would be the ones who would shriek about how hot he is and blah blah blah. He's around my age probably, based on seeing him on only the TV and he's looks just like....a prince. I would admit that he is handsome with the perfect touseled dark brown hair and green eyes, but I was never a girl to fawn over boys and imagine such fantasies. Especially about a stupid prince.

Anyway, back to my boring life.

I snapped out of my thoughts and got on my annoying maid uniform. The people who worked there gave me this on my first day and I was ordered to wear it. I hated it. It's scratchy and itchy and possibly the worse kind of uniform ever. I looked at myself in the mirror. I squinted at my reflection through my glasses. Yes, I'm a nerd. I'm not saying that people who wear glasses are nerds though. But the reason why I'm wearing glasses was because of the amount of reading I do during the nighttime. I would read anytime when I have the chance, but I've been a bit busy lately. I had medium black straight hair with really dark green eyes that almost seemed brown. I was a pretty tall girl too at the height of 5 foot 6 and I always wear converses.

Speaking of converses, I took my black ones and tugged them onto my feet. I checked the time on my phone. It was 4:30. I had to go soon since my shift started at 5 and ended at 9. It was Thrusday today so I had school today. That's why my shift started late. My shift was always 5 to 9 on the Weekdays and on Saturdays it would be from 1 to 5. I got Sundays off.

I huffed grouchily to myself due to the large amounts of homework the teachers gave me today. I then walked out of my bedroom and went to the kitchen. I noticed mum's short dark hair in the kitchen as she washed dishes. She turned around when she heard my footsteps. She looked at me with her brown eyes.

"Hey honey," she greeted. "You ready to go to work?"

"Yes mum. I'll be going now, ok?" I replied. I reached to grab my bag from the couch.

"That's great dear. Hope you have a great day at work! Love you," she said. She turned back to her dishes and resumed her washing. Working wasn't exactly fun, but ok.

"Love you too," I mumbled before stepping out of the kitchen to the living room, and then out the door. I swung my bag onto my arm and made my way to my mom's small car and turned on the engine.

I started driving to the tall palace. From here, I could already see it because it was that tall. I lived nearby the palace too so....not that I really cared.

After 8 minutes of driving through the neighborhoods and roads, I finally stopped my mum's car in a small parking place near the palace. I got out of the car and made sure I got everything. I took a deep breath before walking up to the palace.

I looked at it in wonder. It never ceased to amaze me, even though I've been here pretty long and seen it almost everyday by now. The palace had big towers and is painted in a pretty shade of beige. Not sure if beige could be pretty, but on this huge castle, it sure does. It also had a tall iron fence all around it since there are many tourists coming here. The guards stand by and only let Royal, the committee, and the workers in.

I approached the buff guards that were standing outside the fence. The noticed me.

"Are you a worker?" The shorter one on the left asked me. I nodded. "Card?"

I showed him my card. All the workers have been given cards for safety reasons. If I lost my card, I'd be gone and fired from this job. No more money making...and no more chance on going to college in the future...

The guards nodded at me in approval and opened up the gates. I stuffed my card back into my bag and walked right through the gates. I walked quickly into the big building after entering the huge main door. I finally looked up to see the huge chandelier on the ceiling and the big white beautiful staircase that people always see in fairy tales.

I then noticed a big pile of servants, maids, and cookers on my right near the big kitchens. I scrambled over there to see the three jobs splitted up.

My eyes found Alisha Lemmings, the head of the maids. She prepares the tasks for each of the maids. She also orders us around and helps the maids who are new here. I needed to get my task for today's shift so I walked over to her.

"Ok everybody!" Alisha shouted over the many maids. "I need to tell the jobs that you'll be working on today for the shift 5 to 9! So hush everybody so that I could tell you all." Every maid shut their mouths as Alisha walked around to tell our jobs. I stood there quietly until some came to me.

"Hey Bailey," said someone. I turned around, surprise, to find Tiana. I smiled at her. She was also a maid like me and after seeing her many times when I first started working here, we became close. I considered her as a friend. She was a year younger than me so she's a junior. She was a nice, pretty girl with amber coloured hair and brown eyes.

"Hi Tiana," I replied. She always made my working more bearable. This is a great job, really. Being a maid for Royal gets you paid more than normal. But, sometimes it could be tiring. "How was your day so far?"

"Not bad I guess. One of my teachers accidentally spilled sweets on me today though," Tiana frowned.

"Your school is the best," I laughed. I got hushed by some other maids for laughing too loud. Oops. At least Alisha was still far away from us with telling our task.

"Yeah totally. I just absolutely love sticky sugary things to be on me when it attracts rats," she muttered sarcastically. "Well. If it's the best, why don't you join my school, eh? Then we can see each other all day long."

"Sorry to burst your bubble girl, I can't just leave my school. And it's the middle of year too. I'll be leaving soon for college," I apologized. I patted her silky red hair. I wished mine were that soft.

She pouted her lips. "I hate thinking about how you're leaving to college so soon. I will barely see you anymore."

"Aw, you're gonna miss me girl?" I smirked. She glared at me. I chuckled at her. "You'll be fine. I'll try to visit you when I have the time."

"Of course you will," she responded with confidence. It was then the time when Alisha came nearby us.

"Or maybe not," I teased her. She rolled her eyes to me. We then stopped chattering since Alisha was coming by towards us. It was finally our turn to get our tasks.

"Hello Tiana, Bailey," she said as she nodded her heads at us. Alisha was in her mid thirties with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She still looked really pretty and young.

"Hi Alisha," Tiana and I said in unison. Alisha raised her eyebrows before looking at her list.

"Sorry girls. You'll have to work separate today. I know you guys would like to work together but you guys can't today. Maybe next time. Alright?" Alisha explained. Tiana and I exchanged sad silent faces but we nodded at Alisha. Alisha was a nice head maid. She always knew who we work well with and would usually pair each other with maids that we're friends with.