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She Prospered in a New World

She Prospered in a New World



Ruby Foster was reincarnated. She used to be a top technology genius in another world. But now, she was just a fake daughter of the rich Morris Family. The Morris Family accused Ruby for stealing the identity of their real daughter. Ruby fought back bravely, neither overbearing nor servile. Finnley Parker had witnessed all of this. Requested by his grandmother, he came to the Morris Family to propose the marriage. He didn't expect that he would watch such a show. But Ruby attracted his interest. The rumor had it that Ruby was foolish and vain. But the reality said otherwise. "I will marry Ruby Foster." Finnley told the Morris Family. "But she is not our biological daughter." Morris Family retorted. "No buts." Finnely said coldly.
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"Where am I... did I got reincarnated?"

Ruby Foster woke up from the darkness with a splitting headache. She found herself sleeping in a messy room, and her body had become another person's!

She narrowed her eyes and grew used to it for a while. Suddenly, a piece of memory that didn't belong to her flooded into her mind!

She stood there, closed her eyes, and calmly reorganized the memory fragment.

The original owner of this body was called Ruby Morris.

She was born into a wealthy and prominent family, and everyone admired her.

But she was ignorant and stupid. She was now in high school and could not even memorize a complete poem. She had become a topic of discussion for the rich.

Because of her, the Morris family was ridiculed by the rich and powerful families, and her parents couldn't raise their heads in front of everyone.

Three days ago, because of an accident, the Morris family found that Ruby Morris was not the Morris family's biological daughter but a child mistakenly taken wrongly by the hospital.

A single mistake led to a big problem.

There was a significant contrast between the genuine daughter and her.

The real daughter was called Matilda Foster. She was gentle, intelligent, and as beautiful as a flower. She was the perfect child.

It just so happened that the original owner was studying in the same school as her. The original owner was the last in the school, and Matilda was not only the top one student but also the most beautiful girl in the school. She also won a lot of international awards.

In comparison, it made Ruby Morris appear even more stupid.

When the Morris family learned their daughter was outstanding, they naturally put Ruby Morris aside.

Matilda, the true daughter of the Morris family, was going home today to meet her relatives.

Many well-known relatives of the Morris family were present. They also held a big banquet at home and invited many people from rich and powerful families to witness it.

The original owner, Ruby Morris, shut herself in the room. She was furious when listening to the cheers and laughter downstairs. She drank three bottles of high-grade wine in one go. She drank too much and passed out.

Only then did Ruby Foster manage to time-travel over and occupy her body.

Thinking of this, Ruby Foster narrowed her eyes, and her eyes were full of coldness.

From now on, Ruby Morris was Ruby Foster.

Matilda Foster would also become Matilda Morris.

Their uprooted life would officially be on the right track.

"Having a life like this is fascinating."

She smiled and was about to go downstairs to look at the banquet when she felt sticky. She raised her hand and smelled it. The smell of wine mixed with sweat was strong.

She frowned and prepared to take a shower.

It was very uncomfortable especially in the summer.

When she opened the wardrobe and looked at the pile of colorful clothes, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. She saw all kinds of clothes. It was over the top.

A low-cut V-neck shirt, a pair of super shorts, a pair of ripped pants, and a pair of black stockings...

The original owner's aesthetic standard was...

She closed the cabinet door and glanced at a photograph on a cabinet near the bed. She was so shocked that her eyes widened.

She had an afro, green smokey makeup, red lips, a crop top, and a pair of lower crotch pants...

"Can this... this be regarded as a human being?"

The original owner was someone who was eccentric.

Ruby gave up taking a shower and changing her clothes. She found a long-sleeved dress that was barely presentable and put it on. She went downstairs with a pair of over-the-top smoky eyes makeup.

The Morris parents were conversing and joking with the visitors in the living room.

Ruby walked straight over, "Dad, Mom."

As soon as she shouted, there was no sound in the living room.

Incredulous and disdainful, the guests turned to look at her.

How dare she call his parents after knowing she was not the real daughter of the Morris family?

"Doesn't she have no shame at all?"

That day was the day of the official acceptance of Matilda Morris into the family. Why did she, who had occupied the identity of others for 18 years, come out?

Did she do this on purpose?

How shameless!

"You're so shameless! Only ugly people would cause this many troubles!"

"If I were her, I would probably want to find a hole in the ground and hide in it. However, she still has the nerves to come here to humiliate herself!"

"I was wondering why the Morris Family would give birth to such a loser. It turned out that she a fake. I heard that her biological mother, Lena Foster, was very poor. She still lives in the basement. She must not want to go back to her biological mother, so she stayed here and refused to leave."

"Yes, you are right. This type of individual is truly terrible in their avarice for wealth."

"Do you know? I heard that Lena is originally a mistress. Unfortunately, it appears that nobody has a clue as to who the baby in her tummy actually belongs to."

"Oh... it turns out to be an illegitimate daughter. It's no wonder that Ruby is a person who is hated by others. Let her do as she pleases..."