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10 Epic Historical Novels That Will Transport You to Another Era

10 Epic Historical Novels That Will Transport You to Another Era

2023-03-20 11:04:33
  • The Evil King's 'Ugly' Wife


      Before he died, he found out that his gentle husband, his cute sister, and his loving parents were all lies. However, after being a ghost for fifty years and learning all the underhanded methods, he opened his eyes and turned back to sixteen! The stepmother was sinister, the father was hypocritical, the younger sister was hypocritical, and the bamboo stallion harbored evil intentions? Pull them all out and cut them into pieces! What? You said that even fatties have spring? No, she just wanted to quietly make a sesame seed ball with baby fat. Feng Jiu Li: \"Tang Xiao Qing, come over here!\" Let\'s talk about life. This King did not feed you to give you the strength to lose weight!
    History ★ 0
  • Such a Beautiful General

    Zhang Tianqing was betrayed by her most trusted partner, the same man she had a crush on for six years. She had always disguised herself as a man and had grown up following the army around fighting in battles and she was called the god of war, but from the second she was betrayed, she lost the war. Not only did she lose her country, but she was captured by the enemy prince, Li Muhan. Zhang Tianqing unwittingly exposed the fact that she was a woman, and she was forced to stay with Li Muhan. She thought she would become Li Muhan's slave, but instead, she was taken care of and protected by him. Li Muhan offered to help her take revenge on the man who betrayed her on one condition-- Marry him.
    History ★ 5
  • My Agent Concubine

    "Chu Han, don't blame me. You shouldn't have gotten in my way." Chu Han was engaged with King Che, her half-sister's crush. Therefore, her half-sister drugged Chu Han and asked two men to ruin her innocent. According to her plan, their father would see this steamy scene and knew that Chu Han didn't deserve to marry King Che. Unexpectedly, Chu Han didn't fall into the dirty trap. She drugged her evil half-sister as revenge, making their father see how she screwed with other men in an abandoned temple. After venting her anger, she needed to release her desire. She randomly robbed an incredibly handsome guy and slept with him, who happened to be her fiance, King Che...
    History ★ 4.5