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Pick Up One More Romance Novel Themes Books From Bestseller List

Pick Up One More Romance Novel Themes Books From Bestseller List

2023-02-02 15:36:54
  • Barely Legal


    Arianna Carter (18) just completed high school and is now working at a country club in San Antonio as a receptionist. Due to her parents' unfortunate gambling issues, her college savings has been depleted to nearly nothing, forcing her to take a gap year or two to save her own money. She loves her job, but the only downfall is the older, rich bastards who treat her like a piece of meat and think they can flash some cash in her face and get her to drop her panties. Most of them are married with kids and just want her as one of their many mistresses on the side. Personally, she finds older men attractive, but she would prefer her man single and unattached. She goes to bed at night wondering what it would be like if one of them would sweep her off her feet. Pierce White (50) has just ended his toxic marriage of 25 years to his high school sweetheart and retired early as an investment banker all in the same month. After retirement, Pierce becomes a homebody and spends his days in absolute solitude. His ex-wife was every bit of a socialite and always drug him against his will to fancy dinner parties or charity functions, despite his clear distaste for the events. His best friend, Patrick convinces him that he at least needs to get out of the house a few times a week and invites him to join a new country club. Reluctantly, Pierce agrees, but once he sees the young, brown-skinned receptionist behind the front desk his first thought is bending her over it and having his way with her.
  • The Sexual Desire


    Warning : This story contains mature contents and it should be read by people above 18 years .. I can't control myself any more l want you right now , Axel murmured as his lips fall on Rinnah's neck .. Me too and , Rinnah replied back in a low seductive voice ... She was already burning with need and wanted a release.. With those said Axel immediately smashed his lips on hers a bit roughly.. The Sexual Desire
  • In Your Embrace

    Trixie Kim

    5th Book: My Mysterious President (Arvin and Vincy Elizabeth) . Fearless. Gorgeous. Independent young lady. That spells her name. . Arrogant. Mighty. Media's Favorite. That describes him. . They always bickered when they're still young. She was 10, he was 17. . He hated her. She hated him more. . Till one day, probably Mr. Cupid was bored playing with his bow and accidentally struck his heart. . The ever cute, carefree, witty girl was always surrounded by buzzing bees and he abhorred it to the core. He did all kinds of tricks to chase her admirers away... . But he himself had always scandals he couldn't run away from it. . Till this cute girl, now a fearless reporter had to take revenge for making her teenage life a misery by doing the same thing he did to all of her suitors before. . How could he just ignore the fact that as time passed by, his secret admiration towards her grew deeper and those scandals and criticism were just a facade to hide his true feelings? . Especially when she introduced a man to everyone on her parents' wedding anniversary. . Would Arvin Hansen, the heir of Hansen Empire, just shut his eyes ignoring Vincy Elizabeth and her boyfriend's sweet passionate kiss at the gazebo or would he proclaim his ownership now? . Something he should've done a long time ago!