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The Best Free Werewolf Books To Read In Your Free Time

The Best Free Werewolf Books To Read In Your Free Time

2023-02-06 14:08:02
  • Royal Wolves


    Arianna has been bullied most of her teen life. Her family are the only reason that she still remains strong. She has a heart of pure gold and she sees the good in everyone. Arianna thought she was just another normal human being. Well besides the whole bullying part. That isn't exactly normal. She knew that part at least, but what she didn't know was that she isn't exactly human either. She is a werewolf. Well, half one anyway. Arianna and her twin sisters 18th birthday is close by, pulling the strings of fate and putting in motion destinies. So add in a bunch of new people, a new set of skin, a particular loving mate and whole heap of royalness, you have Arianna's destiny. And yet, it's only just the beginning.
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  • His Ugly Mate


    When I was ten years old, he torched my home and transformed me into the most hideous she-wolf the kingdom had ever seen. After ten years, he chose me to be his mate; however, he never stopped embarrassing me throughout the day and night on account of the way I looked! After his father gave him the throne, he evicted me from his house and severed our mating bond. He came back to reclaim me as his mate after I'd found someone I loved and undergone an excessive amount of cosmetic surgery in an effort to transform my appearance from hideous to attractive. Someone disliked me when I was ugly, and someone liked me because I was ugly, but both were possessive and self-centered. And there I was, Rosy Franco, the Beta's daughter, caught in the crossfire of this icy conflict between the two Alphas. TWO KINGDOMS, one war, and The prize was me!
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  • Between Two Alphas


    Synopsis : What happens when two twins who hate each other and who will do anything to put each other down, want to achieve the same goal and become the next Alpha? And what would happen when they find they both have the same mate? Who also will decide their future about who'll become the next Alpha? Especially, in a place that was and always will be dominated by males? Would she be able to adjust or she would be tamed by her mates?
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