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Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

2023-03-20 11:04:24
  • Abandoned Wife's Counterattack

    What? she was reborn and transmigrated! But why did she transmigrate into a fat woman! As a young lady from a martial arts family in a previous life, shouldn't she be some noble lady!? Moreover, the family was impoverished, and her husband did not like her. Zuo Chunhua sighed, since this was the case, I would show you the cooking skills of my previous life! She created many dishes that no one here has ever eaten, which attracted everyone to follow suit. As a result, some people couldn't stand it, so they attacked her husband. She sneered, it seems that I can't hide the fact that I know martial arts!
    History ★ 4.3
  • A Hunter's Mysterious Wifey

    Afraid that her snobbish father would sell her, Su Zhaodi forced Ji Ming, a hunter in the village, to get laid with her. However, she was bitten by a viper right after her success. Su Luoli, a soul from a different world, took over Su Zhaodi's body and was delighted to get a second chance to live. Su Luoli first ruined the deal between Su Zhaodi's father and the trafficker and then managed to marry Ji Ming the hunter. Ji Ming hated the woman who drugged and forced him, but he married her anyway. To his surprise, his wife led the Ji family to a much better life.
    History ★ 4.8
  • My Gifted Marriage With General

    Yun Chuliang is a top-notch actress and the Devilish Magic Doctor with a bright future, but she accidentally time-traveled to ancient times. Luckily, she still had excellent medical skills. In this world, her mother was murdered, her brother was sick, and her stepmother and stepsister were hypocrites. She managed to find the killer, saved her brother, and fought against the hypocrites. She was so brave that neither being disfigured nor being framed could intimidate her. However, she panicked when the handsome man proposed to her. "Are you sure that you want to marry me?" Yun Chuliang asked the man. "Don't you dare say no!" Feng Siye's brows furrowed!
    History ★ 0