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The Best Vampire Books to Break Your Heart

The Best Vampire Books to Break Your Heart

2023-02-14 11:31:25


    Three words to describe Crystal Santiago. " DROP DEAD GORGEOUS". Crystal lives two lives. One as a stripper and the other as a waitress. Crystal was also known as Jae, the most sexist stripper. Her body is as hot as hell. She has a beautiful figure with glossy ekin . She looked like a fairy , long black and shiny hair. Her seductive red lips look so blossom soft , making it hard for any guy to resist her. Her cute blue eyes balls are so enchanting and could trap any guy . That is the life of jae, the stripper But as crystal, she was a simple, plain and loving girl . No one would ever believe a girl like Crystal to be a stripper. Her life was going just fine till they came into the picture.. Who are they??? Meet our Vampire Damien Montenegro, the number one mafia of the underworld. Damien Montenegro is an unpredictable, dangerously sexy vampire. He is a very powerful mafia Lord. he could read and control mind but when he came across crystal. He realises he is powerless in front of her. And Liam?? meet liam rodriguez, a werewolf. Damien's only rival . The only thing liam rodriguez wants in this life is to get revenge on damien for what he has done to him. All he wanted was revenge. Till crystal came into the picture One was fighting for her love, while the other one was greedy for her power. Crystal was stuck in a world where power is above anyone and everything. A world where the powerful ones decide who lives and who dies. But is power above love?? She is stuck between a mate and a lover. One more thing. There was a history concerning the three of them Did they have a past life???
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  • Vampire's Lover


    A princess who has been overlooked her whole life gets married to a rumored vampire prince. Surrounded by dark secrets and powerful enemies, Ashton must decide who to trust and who to destroy. After getting her heart broken once, Julliet vowed never to fall in love again. But when her brother tries to force her into a marriage and the annoying but wickedly handsome Ashram rescues her, things get difficult.
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  • The Immortal Crimson


    Aurelia, a twenty-five-year-old hustler who comes from a family of liars, dwells in a volatile life that she assumed would never change, until she was involved in an accident that killed her. She then found herself in the world of vampires and was faced with the challenge of having to rebuild her life while struggling to accept her new circumstances.
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