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Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

2023-02-10 16:27:47
  • Royal Rogue


    [Book 2 in the Royal Series] Arianna's and Cameron's love never stops growing. Word gets out that the pair are the Royal Wolves and they take on the duty which comes with being so. They have a short period of peace before it is interrupted. They knew that there was still darkness out in the world, waiting to catch up to them. It was always in the back of their minds, never leaving. What comes will only be a test. Will they be prepared for when they meet the Royal Rogue?
    Werewolf ★ 0
  • Darkest Before The Dawn


    Dawn is a 17 year old werewolf who lived with her old pack for 14 years. When she was 14 years old, the Alpha discovered a rogue gene in her, a gene that allowed her to disobey the Alpha Command. Dawn is branded a rogue and is banished from her pack forever. Taking nothing and saying goodbye to no one, Dawn has to live her life hiding in the shadows from packs who wish her dead. Wanting nothing more but to be apart of a pack again, she is left with a life of loneliness. Nathan is an future Alpha, who has been raised all his life on how to protect his pack and to kill any rogue that crosses his path. In order for Nathan's father to pass down the Alpha position to his son, Nathan must have his mate. Though what happens when the future Alpha who has been trained to kill rogues and a rogue who wants nothing more than to be apart of a pack again, become mates? Torn between their values and their hearts the two mates have to come to a life changing decision. Do they spend the rest of their lives together as equals or do they destroy each other?
    Werewolf ★ 0
  • His Ugly Mate


    When I was ten years old, he torched my home and transformed me into the most hideous she-wolf the kingdom had ever seen. After ten years, he chose me to be his mate; however, he never stopped embarrassing me throughout the day and night on account of the way I looked! After his father gave him the throne, he evicted me from his house and severed our mating bond. He came back to reclaim me as his mate after I'd found someone I loved and undergone an excessive amount of cosmetic surgery in an effort to transform my appearance from hideous to attractive. Someone disliked me when I was ugly, and someone liked me because I was ugly, but both were possessive and self-centered. And there I was, Rosy Franco, the Beta's daughter, caught in the crossfire of this icy conflict between the two Alphas. TWO KINGDOMS, one war, and The prize was me!
    Werewolf ★ 0