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The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

2023-03-20 11:04:31
  • Demon King Romance


      Thirteen years of infatuation, and finally he changed her fate for the country. Returning at all costs, she turned into a bloodthirsty devil. Today, you will suffer the humiliation a hundred times more. I will let you taste the hatred from the future ten thousand times over. She wanted revenge, but there was someone who wanted to protect her. Even though she was ruthless and bloodthirsty, there were still people who treated her like a treasure. If you do not have an afterlife, I will accompany you to this life. Never separate.
    History ★ 0
  • AURELIA AND THE KING { The Runaway Princess }

    Scholastic Treasure

    Aurelia Cressida Bahrain is the favourite and last child of her father – a great and ruthless king – King Bancroft Hugh Bahrain and third. She was the king's favourite princess and her other step sisters were all jealous of her. She loved her father too, just the way he loved her. One day, the king got poisoned and the antidote was in the hands of Aurelia but she had to pay a price. Aurelia was suddenly thrown in between saving her father's lives or loosing her happiness forever. The king did not want to die and so, he begged Aurelia to pay the price. Finally, because of the pressure, she ran away from the palace. What happens when Aurelia is in a land she does not know about? Will she survive in another kingdom? How will she cope? What about her father, the king? Will he survive?
    History ★ 0
  • The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth

    Yun Miao, a top surgeon in the industry, became a public enemy after an accidental time-travel. The original owner of this body, Shen Anran, pestered the Crown Prince before she got married. After she got married to an unwanted man, she hung herself on the wedding night... Her family had severed ties with her. Her cousin had tried to kill her. Even her disabled husband, Ye Mohan, had been thinking about how to divorce her all day! She sighed. "It's okay. Now that I've been reborn with your body, I won't repeat your tragedy!" After some hard work, she made her family dote on her like a treasure and the Crown Prince even proposed to her in person! Upon hearing the news, her disabled husband got up and pressed her against the bed. "You can only belong to me for the rest of your life!"
    History ★ 4.3