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Discover 3 Best College Romance Books That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Discover 3 Best College Romance Books That Will Make Your Heart Melt

2022-12-30 09:57:21
  • Careful With The Roses

    Kim black

    My name was April, and I had a wolf inside of me named Rose. Rose was my heart, my brain, my subconscious, my faith, and my everything. I saw my parents die. They were powerful Alpha and Luna, yet still got attacked and killed, and went through a painful death. I was crying. As a kid, I could only cry. But then I was locked in a cell. "Why did you kill your parents, you cruel thing!" "I did not! Let me out!" I wanted revenge, but I couldn't be careless and let Rose out. The real murderers were still out there tracking my wolf scent and wanting to kill me too. I waited, until one day, I met a beautiful girl with a knife on her throat, and I saved her. But soon I realized she was the real evil behind all that...the murderer who killed my parents.


    Because of what I witnessed the night before my wedding that really broke my heart. I decided to push my plan of seducing Frederik Wilford for my sister to taste my sweetest revenge for making me feel worthless and unwanted. I thought she's a great person, a good sister that loves me so much but damn! She's a fake innocent whore, a two-faced bitch that wants to fuckin' get everything to me. I will get my revenge, double – no! Triple the pain she had caused me. Just wait and you will feel the sweetest vengeance that you can ever feel Diana, my fake slut one of a kind sister.
  • Taming Faye

    Stella shee

    Warnings! This book is strictly Rated 18+ "Just one night stand with her new boss, changed everything about her existence. The more Faye tries to run away, the more daylan was dead set on turning her world upside down because whatever Daylan Sage wants he gets, and he wants her Willingly or by Force"