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Discover the Best Novels in History: A List of Classics You Can't Miss

Discover the Best Novels in History: A List of Classics You Can't Miss

2023-03-21 14:10:47
  • A Cursed Mask, A Medical Legend

    Declan was a doctor, he sacrificed everything for his girlfriend, who ended up betraying him. He wanted revenge. He got a magical mask at this time, he put it on but didn't know the mask held the power that could stir up one's deepest desire, it gifted Declan a superpower--golden finger. Declan's brain was implanted with a full set of high medical skills. Since then, Declan was able to cure any wounds and scars, with one touch, he could stop one's bleeding, read all biodata from any person, and diagnose diseases without any medical equipment, and held the power to cure even cancer and leukaemia. But the power on his golden finger could run out if overused, he needed to recharge it, and the only way to regain power was women. And right now there were two women before him, one was his ex, another one was...
  • Reborn: The Richest Real Daughter

    In the last life, Chu Mian was framed by her vicious sister. Her sister stole her noble status as the real daughter of Lord Protector's Manor. Her life was totally ruined, and finally died tragically at the feet of the unscrupulous. So God gave her a chance to reborn! To live a new life, Chu Mian swore that those who had hurt her would be worse than death! When she returned to the Lord Protector's Manor, her vicious younger sister still wanted to frame her, but she saw through it one by one. Everything she did was thought out. She would let everyone know that she was not to be deceived, she was the real noble daughter! The only thing she didn't expect was that, just because she helped him once, she became the only woman in the heart of the regent king Qin Muchao...
    History ★ 4
  • Pamper His Rebirth Lover Harder

    "Come here," Chu Linghan said coldly. Gong Yuanyuan blushed and went to sit on his lap... In her previous life, Gong Yuanyuan was framed by her fiancé. Her family was executed for treason. She was locked in a dungeon and tortured to death. Since God gave her a new life, she must seize the opportunity. In this life, Gong Yuanyuan must protect the Gong family and make all those who hurt her pay the price, especially that hateful fiancé whom she wanted to peel off. But now, the only one she can rely on was Chu Linghan. Thinking of this, Gong Yuanyuan raised her head and kissed Chu Linghanhan fiercely...
    History ★ 3