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Most Read Modern Romance Novels - Feel The Beauty of Love

Most Read Modern Romance Novels - Feel The Beauty of Love

2023-02-06 14:13:54
  • IMYWIW18


    Looking back, the feeling of nostalgia spreading, I wish I could go back and say this to you. That you were the one who made me happy. I met you when I was 18. Alessia Knight has just graduated from high school and she has zero expectations about her new start at Cornell University. But will her life be just as dull and boring as she thinks it'll be? You'll have to read on to find out! :)
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  • Fake Rich Young Lady

    Gu Danyang was born in a poor family but she got lucky. Accidentally, she was adopted by a super-rich family whose biological daughter was missing. One day, Gu Danyang found her foster parents' biological daughter coming back. However, she was too afraid of losing everything that didn't belong to her originally. To hide the secret, she made many mistakes and deeply hurt her foster parents' feelings. Being hated and disgusted, Gu Danyang died in a car accident. For the God's sake, she was reborn at the turning point of her life - the teenage years of her previous life. Gu Danyang relievedly pulled out a bright smile. Since God had been so kind to her and given her a chance to start over, then this time, she would live freely!
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  • Sex With My Daddy


    I had sex with my boyfriend's fatrher, and I'm so into it, because it is not only to revenge my boyfriend's cheating but also enjoy the orgasm of my life
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