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Read Warm College Romance Novels That Won't Fade or Die

Read Warm College Romance Novels That Won't Fade or Die

2023-02-13 16:53:10
  • His Rejected Sidechick

    Alexis Dee

    "Come on, don't be so shy." he pulled me back in his lap, the contact between our bodies was oddly terrifying. He knew the type of girl I was and I expected him to take it slow. "Tucker please someone will see us." I looked around in fear, how can he be so chill about it while his parents and sister were at home. If his father sees us like this, we are dead. "Lemme see your body," he whispered in my ear and my body contracted, I wasn't used to such wordings, damn I hadn't seen couples kissing in movies. "Tucker, not now." I tried to pull myself away from him but he was holding me tightly. I felt him breathing on my neck and it didn't feel right. "Tucker stop." everything escalated when he grabbed my face and forced me to turn my neck to him so he can kiss me.
  • A Secret Crush From A Young Heiress


    Nathan Harrison, a 19 years old guy forced to marry a young heiress of a noble family, Isabella Dawson because of his parent's last wish. They already knew each other but he never had a special feeling for her or even thought of her, not even once. However, opposite for the girl who has been in love with him for years without anyone know about it at all. Follow their story as Nathan slowly started to develop feelings towards Bella, but to the ego to admit it, until the third person tried to steal her away from him.
  • Hidden Desires

    sam saggii

    “Who said I would date you?” he shoved her against the wall and said. “Let me burst your bubble of credulity, my taste isn’t that bad. I despise breathing the same the same air as you!” He whispered in her ear. The next moment, she pushed him away. He smirked at her with a sly grin that filled her entire demeanor with rage. She held him by the collar of his shirt and with the most devilish grin whispered back: “How hypocrite, only if you could remember the night you were drunk....." “What do you mean????” his face turned pale as soon as he heard her spilling out such mysterious words. ********************************* Leonardo smith, the CEO of a multinational company had been peacefully living the dream life until his paths crossed with jessica forbes. An unforgettable past and a dangerous secret turned their lives around. What secret are they both holding on to? Will leonardo let his luscious desires overtake his painful past or are the two going to let fate rule their future into another tragedy? Read "hidden desires" to find out...