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Fantasy Novels with Strong Female Characters: A Guide to Heroines and Adventurers

Fantasy Novels with Strong Female Characters: A Guide to Heroines and Adventurers

2023-02-20 11:50:22
  • Alpha's Moon

    Raina Lori

    In the darkest day of the year born a boy who's luck chooses him to be the most strongest than others. Being blessed with powers thete was also something else that become his greatest curse. The anger... Anger of his wolf which is uncontrollable with passing days. He is the most charming yet most dangerous one. And the only one who is destined to be able to cure his curse was his mate. But years of trying it seems impossible to find his mate when situation is getting worse. Unexpectedly on a most tragic day a mysterious girl showed up on the door step.
    Fantasy ★ 0
  • The Prince And I


    She was only finding a way out to eliminate her financial crises, and her efforts pay because she eventually got a job at the Royal Palace. She was working as a maid at the Castle of the King and Queen of Britain. Many ladies also work there as a maid.  Unfortunately, she's  the only one that found herself in Love Rollercoaster With the Heir of The King(The Prince)
    Fantasy ★ 0
  • Secrets Of The Mind

    E.J Bennett

    Kayla Wilson has no memory of her childhood. Found alone and lost in the middle of the woods at the young age of eight. The Wilson’s take her in, treating her as their own. Nightmares plague Kayla every night as she sleeps. Shopping with her best friend, her nightmares become reality sending her life out of control. She is thrust into a new life where her nightmares become more real with each day that passes. She learns there is more to the world than she ever thought possible. Stories and legends all have some truths to them and unfortunately for Kayla she is a part of this new world whether she wants to be or not. She must adapt and fight for her life as a threat awaits her around every corner. Can Kayla handle her new life and survive the evil of the world? Can she uncover the secrets of her past?
    Fantasy ★ 0