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The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

2023-03-22 13:54:21
  • Ghostdom Marriage


      When I was born, I traveled at night. I lacked the five elements. My mother died in childbirth, and then my father accidentally died in a plane crash. It was supposed to be my wedding day, but the groom got into a car accident last night and died on the spot. After that, his grandmother forced me to marry a dead person. Since then, my life has been filled with horror and horror …
    History ★ 0
  • Hubby, It Is You Again

    After time travel, Mu Wanran's soul crossed over to the Jinbei Dynasty, where she married a royal son of that dynasty. Xiao Lanye. Rumor had it that the royal son was a useless loser, but she found out that this was not the truth. On the day she traveled back in time, it was her wedding night with him. She discovered that Xiao Lanye hated the original Mu Wanran and that he had been trying to murder her. In order to survive, she seduced him, trying to make him fall in love with her. After spending time together, he did fall in love with her. But little did she know, that the romance she was offered was mixed with a dangerous game of thrones.
    History ★ 0
  • The Richest Lady Pampered Her Hubby

    Why was she reborn too late? Why did that stranger still take her virginity? After rebirth, she determined to take revenge on those who humiliated her and her family. Wen Jiu loved a guy, at first sight, whom she could never fall in love with, because she accidentally found he was the man who took her virginity. She left. Everything moved on. She collected herself, focused on every business, and finally became the richest lady in the country, like she did in her previous life. Seeing the man kneeling and begging for her forgiveness downstairs, who was her first love, Wen Jiu got bored. "You're the one who took my virginity? Forget it. It's history. I have so much money now. I can get various handsome guys if I want. Who wants you, huh?" The man looked at Wen Jiu sitting lazily on the princess' chair, several hot men serving her.
    History ★ 4