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The most anticipated best modern novel of 2023.

The most anticipated best modern novel of 2023.

2023-02-06 14:13:52
  • Unexpected Something

    Gorgeous Chaos

    The mysterious heir of the Ace Corporation Inc, Devian Ace, indeed the richest man in Asia, rather cold-blooded, found a young and beautiful girl, Arien, unconscious... . . "Who are you ?.. Why are you here ?" . . "I saved your life, you owe me, isn't it ?" . . Little did they knew they had a long way to go... . . Together!!! °I welcome you to read my novel 'Unexpected Something'. You can enjoy a great love story of Devian and Arien and witness their never-ending love which is boundless of all superficial problems. They've proved us that there is nothing above love in this world. Starting from clashes to romance, let's witness their happy ending together... So let the game of fire and ice begin...°
    Modern ★ 0
  • Bleeding Hearts

    Jed Sam

    Flora Bass is a young beautiful and high class lady in her early twenties. Happy that she finally has what her parents shared and she has longed for, for a long period of time, which is love. Meeting James was like a blessing to her until it all turned sour when he left her just few months into their marriage. Broken and shattered, she vows not to give her heart to anyone again. She holds firm to this, till she encounters Ray Bid. Ray tries so many turns to try and convince Flora to believe in love again. Did he succeed and mend Flora’s Bleeding Hearts?
    Modern ★ 0
  • His Secret Love

    Shi Nuan came back from abroad and found out that her sister was engaged to her boyfriend. To vent her anger, Shi Nuan went to get drunk and was accidentally surrounded by hooligans. At this moment, Fu Chengyan came to help her, but he couldn't stop resisting her sweet kiss... When she woke up, this cold-faced financial tycoon actually proposed to her! He also made an offer that she couldn't refuse. "Stay with me and I will help you get revenge." "Make a deal."
    Modern ★ 5