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Rejected Ex-Luna, Come Back to Me
Rejected Ex-Luna, Come Back to Me
Cover art by @rainygraphic ******************************* Book1 (Chapter 1~188, completed): “Please...come back to me, be my Luna again, Charlotte,” Hayden said. I sneered. “You don't even qualify to be my Omega. What makes you think I would want to be your Luna?” “Then let me be your slave,” the shameless mate who had rejected me begged. ------------------- I had been claimed and married to my mate, Hayden for three years, but everything changed when his brother died. He began to ignore me and get closer to his brother’s widow, Sofia. Everyone could see how much he favored Sofia over his own mate, me. I turned a blind eye and endured it all because he was my destined mate and I loved him so much. But Sofia framed me for causing her miscarriage and everyone blamed me for it, not to mention my mate. My mate forced me to kneel and apologize to that bitch who had tried many times to drive wedges between me and my mate, with the help of his sister, Milla. Hayden didn't even want to listen to my explanations. He gave me a choice - apologize or divorce. I would never apologize for something I didn't do and thus I chose divorce. No one knew I was actually the next-Alpha-in-line of one of the most powerful packs. After the divorce, I went back to my pack and take over my birthright - becoming a powerful Alpha and showing Hayden that he was nothing to me and my life was better off without him! ******************************* Book2( From chapter 189~287, completed): As the Alpha princess, I enjoy all the glory and wealth, but my heart only yearns for freedom and love. Much to my luck, I found my fated mate, Alpha Shawn Evander when I was nineteen. He is one the most eligible bachelors currently, but my parents, especially Dad is so against our mateship, he keeps urging me to break up with Shawn. Why should I break up with my fated mate? I love him too much and decided to make a bold choice - to marry him during my twentieth birthday party secretly. So, it should be a happy day, right? Nope. Imagine my shock when I saw my bestie and Shawn together, betraying me during what was supposed to be our wedding day! In the end, I didn’t get married to him and went to a bar to drown my sorrow when I stumbled across an Alpha who needed a mate to break his curse, and we decided to have a contract marriage between us. But when I went home and sobered up, I realized who that Alpha was - Alpha Maximillian Vestvertine, also known as the most ruthless and arrogant Alpha of all. However, I never ezxpect that this coldest Alpha would be so eagar to have me....
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