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One minute I'm standing by the door, and the next I'm pressed up against the wall with an angry-looking Grayson. His hands rest on my cheeks as he looks at me. When a single tear falls, Grayson frowns and instantly wipes it away with his thumb. He kisses me with more power than before, his tongue plunging into my mouth. My stomach feels all tingly with this kiss. I open my mouth for him, and his tongue explores my mouth. My tongue hesitantly touches his, which spurs him on. His hands leave my face and they travel to my waist, then my hips, then down to my thighs. He picks me up and my legs immediately wrapped around him. My arms wrap around his neck naturally. Thea Brooks, an 18-year-old college student, lives her life by a schedule. She has school, homework, her job at the Coffee shop where she drinks way too much caffeine to be healthy, and the rest of the time she is watching her little sister while her mother is at work. She thinks that everything will remain the same as she starts her college classes, but that all changes when a new friend of hers introduces her to an attractive guy that can't seem to leave her alone. Grayson Dark, a 22-year-old Alpha of his pack, has been searching for his mate since he turned 16. All hope is lost until one of his pack mates strolls into his home with the most magnificent scent- his mate's scent. After only slightly maiming his packmate, it is revealed that his mate is close by and human. Without understanding the supernatural world existing around her, Thea will have to learn to look past Grayson's faults- mainly his possessiveness and anger issues- while staying out of danger from unknown threats and learning her place at Grayson's side. Oh... and keeping her grades up. How hard can that be?
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